Bor shuts down inhygienic restaurant

Bor Municipal Council inspectorial team has shut down a dirty restaurant and arrested the owner. The owner of the restaurant was taken to Mangateen police station on Sunday.

Awuor Deng Lueth, Director for Public Health in Bor Municipal Council said the restaurant will remain closed for seven days as a punishment. She added that the owner of the restaurant will not be fined.

Meanwhile John Makuei Alier, the Senior Inspector at Bor Municipal Council said they arrested the restaurant owner after customers raised complains to them.

Lorit Samuel, the owner of the restaurant said she was arrested on Sunday and put under custody at Mangateen Police station. She said she spent three hours in the custody and 3000 SSP was taken from her.

Lorit added that she didn’t know why her money was taken by the police personnel saying she is not a criminal.

She said she is an orphan and a mother of ten children schooling outside the country. She said if the restaurant is shut-down for all, then it will affect studies of her children.

She further added that, she had employed over fifteen women in her restaurant and if the authorities will not have the heart to forgive her, then were will her orphans survive, she wondered.

It’s not the first of its kind, on 7th of March this year the administration of Public health department of Bor municipality warned of poor sanitation, use of broken utensils, and lack of cooking apron.

By Majur Chol Khor



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