Bor residents resume access to clean drinking water

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Residents of Bor Town in Jonglei state have finally accessed fresh clean water as the Bor Urban Water station resumed after months of heavy flooding.

Over the weekend, authorities of Bor Urban Water station in Jonglei State announced to resumed its operation. In the past few months, the Bor Water Station was shut down after flood water submerged the Pipes and Operation Machines leaving many residents with no clean drinking water at residential areas.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday Eng. John Jurkuc Yak, the Director for Bor Urban Water Station said that the Pipes lines and pumps were arranged and the Station resumed its operation last week.

“Bor Urban Water Stationurgeed their customers to make immediate payment in order to help the station meet the effective operation such as chemical substances and fuel. So, that the station should run smoothly and pay the water bills in advance and called for the bill collector to be prepared and distribution of the water should always be opened at 9 am in the morning to 1 pm in the afternoon” Jurkuc appealed.

However, NyantiopNyok, the resident of Block two- Suburbs said since water station was shutdown, they have been facing numerous challenges of clean drinking water, cooking, bathing became difficult.

She added that it took 1 minute and 28 seconds to fully pump one jerican which mean it’s was difficult to pump the drinking water, cooking and washing water for the all families.

“we are requesting the government of Jonglei stateto at least establish one hand pump borehole in the suburbs area of block two and the rest of suburbs which are not having a hand pump borehole’, Said Nyantiop

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