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Bor residents face shortage of clean water

By Deng Ghai Deng

Residents in the Jonglei state capital Bor are complaining about the lack of clean water in the area after the City water supply system broke down.  Speaking to Juba Monitor, Ayul Geu, a resident of Block 3 in Bor town said she waited in a queue for about 5 hours every day to fetch water from the only available borehole in the area which is always congested.

“The problem of water here has become headache. We used to get the water from the city water system through pipes before it broke down. Getting clean water for drinking became difficult. Is either you wait here at the borehole for five hours or you go fetch water from the River Nile which is not safe for consumption. People are really suffering here especially women because of this water crisis,” Geu said.

 Rebecca Abiei Mabior a resident appealed to the government and organizations to intervene by repairing the water supply system or construct more boreholes.

“The major issue now is that people like me who have small babies will have to move with babies to the boreholes. Because if you leave the baby at home and you are going to stay at the borehole for a long time; what will happen to the baby? The child will be hungry and cry without help which is not good. I want our government to seethis issue,”Abiei said.

Moses Mayol, the manager of Bor urban water cooperation, confirmed to Juba Monitor that the water system broke down several months ago. He said they were not able to repair or replace the broken water pipes due to the flooding.

“Well, I have to say that the machine itself is fine but the issue is with the pipes. Most of them have broken and we could not repair them due to the flood. Most of the town area was in the water and it was difficult for us to move and locate where the problem is. But I can say that now the flooding is receding we will solve the problem. We have asked the government to give us the money to fixthe problem,” Mayol explained.

Mayol admits that Bor town residents are in dire need of clean drinking water and says drinking from the unpurified water from the Nile is risky and it can cause waterborne diseases.

There are more than 100,000 residents living in Bor town according to the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission- RRC in Jonglei state.

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