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Bor residents commemorate World AIDS Day

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Citizens and Health partners on Monday commemorate dWorld AIDS Day in Jonglei State to raise awareness, increase knowledge and stand in solidarity with millions of people living with AIDS to amplify the voice.

 The ceremony was celebrated under the themes of this year ‘World AIDS Day is to End inequalities, End AIDS and End epidemic’.

The World AIDS Day is observed on 1st December every year to Alert the communities on how to the prevent HIV/AIDS, stop discrimination and reminding people to end the epidemic.

Ajak Mach Gut, the Coordinator for HIV/AIDS and TB in Jonglei State said the world AIDS Day was observed on 1st December every year to raise the awareness, increase knowledge and stand in solidarity with millions of people living with AIDS and to amplify voice and showcase support to the people living with HIV/AIDS to remember those who lost their lives of AIDS and related diseases.

“Cumulative number of 2021 which are taking ARVare 2465 clients since the established of ART center in Bor State Hospital and Jonglei state current total number on ART are 720 clients and amongst those number 294 are females and 426 are males and retention number is 23.5% clients and lost to follow up is 76.6% due to Flood displacement in Jonglei state,” Mach said.

Mach urged the community to stop the discrimination against people living with AIDS and the people living with HIV/AIDS to priority the taking their medication.

Simon Chol, the chairperson of people living with AIDSknown as South Sudan network of People with AIDS saidthere was stigma and discrimination always that was facing people living with AIDS in the community as people were fearing to go for testing andtaking ARV.

“That if you are tested positive with HIV/AIDS, you have to be committed in taking ARV and you will live a healthy life,” Said Chol.

Chol urged the government to raise awareness so that the community would be alert about the Spread and prevent of HIV/AIDS.

For her Part, Atong Kuol Manyang, the Minister of Heath said that the number of people reported with HIV/AIDShave increased high according to last year report.

“according to 2020,globe statistic on HIV/AIDS by WHO and UNAIDS recorded a number of people living with HIV are about 37.7 M and 608,000 thousand people died, 1.5m were newly infected and 75% people were living on Anti-Viral therapy (ARV) and the challenge which are facing the community is that most people are living in poverty because majority of the people don’t afford the food high nutrition,” Kuol Said.

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