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Bor police cracks hard on gangs

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least 10 young boys associated with the “niggers” tag have been arrested in Jongeli State town,Bor Town since the Independence day’s shoot out incident.

Moses Adul Abednego, Inspector of Administration at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said they had been directed by State Police Commissioner to crackdown on unruly bosy in the town.

Earlier during the 08th independence celebration Day’s at Bor Freedom Square, a group of young boys reportedly engaged the national security personnel in a fight that left seven people wounded.

However, state authorities have defended national security officers saying they were fighting in self-defense.

Abednego said on Tuesday that the attempt by the gangs to confront the security forces prompted the authorities to order their crackdown since they turned hostile.

“Apart from the two ring leaders arrested, we have so far arrested 10 crew members in the town as part of the ongoing crackdown,” he said

“I confirmed that they have been arrested and it will be a routine. The police will always go and get them until the town is cleaned up since they have become a problem in the state,” Abednego said.

He said state authorities were very disappointed over number of attacks and problems such groups could cause to the civil population.

Abednego stated that the crackdown would help the authorities to ensure such groups face justice.

“Bor town will be peaceful once we are done; they are the ones who always cause lot of issues. They disturb public gatherings,” he said

In a statement, Jonglei Police Commissioner Maj. Gen Abdalla Garang cautioned parents whose children subscribe to the groups to advise them to keep off such groupings.

“If we get them, we are going to take them to the main prison. There will be no one, two, three or four to be said since their moves are clear,” the statement partially reads

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