Bor PoC site in dire need of health service

By: Martha David

Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) site in Bor Protection of Civilians Site (PoC) site said they were losing two people weekly due to the absence of health services in the site.

“We have lack of drugs, laboratories and there is no clinical officer,” said Makuach Mun Kem, chairman of the PoC site in Bor.

“We are losing two people on weekly basis due to lack of health service in the PoC site,” he said.

He explained that in October about 15 people lost their lives because of various diseases including Hepatitis, Malaria, Typhoid, Tuberculosis and Measles.

Mr. Makuach said most of the IDPs in the PoC site were not getting food from the humanitarian aids because they have not been verified by the suppliers since they came into the PoC site.

“I am appealing to the humanitarian workers to verify the new comers so that they can get their food ratio,” he stressed.

He said some of them have been forced to share their ratio with their unregistered relatives as they have become dependent on them.

The chairperson of Bor PoC site added that children were going without proper educational facilities at the site.

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