Bor Pentecostal Church Reopens


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Pentecostal Church in Bor that was shut down by police due to power struggle among its leaders has been officially reopened on Sunday.

Leaders and elders of the church reached an agreement on Thursday after nearly two months of deadlock.

The church was shut down by the police in April when rival church leaders disagreed for months over legitimacy to lead the church.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday the current overseer of the Bor Area Board, Bishop David Lang Diaar said that the problem was solved through the general overseer of the Sudan Pentecostal church Dr. Isaiah Dau Majok.

“The problem was settled through the general overseer who came on Thursday. He brought the resolution from the national board of administrators. The resolution gave chance for two months, prayers for congregation and peace among the leaders and believers who were serving,” Diaar stated.

He revealed elections will be held after two months to find a new bishop to lead the church in Bor.

He revealed that after two month an emergency assembly will be called to resolve all the outstanding issues, arguments and the issue of the local church in Bor.

“The elders of the church are now assigned to take over the church for two months. The post of bishop was not supposed to be touched and the other positions are to be elected after 60 days,” Diaar added.

He advised Christians to always be guided by the Holy Spirit and work according to the will of God but not their own will.

“The will of God will help us accomplish great things,” Diaar stated.

Director of Police at Bor Modern Police, Brigadier General Johnson Thon said the police intervened when the conflict was escalating and causing some insecurity within the church and to members of the community.

He said that the intervention was in order to protect the people and facilities since they discovered that the church was not unable to solve the conflict that time.

General Thon said that the Pentecostal Church of Bor agreed to conduct elections after 60 days.

“We understood their suggestion and gave them go ahead to open the church knowing that we shall be at vigilant whenever there is a chaos,” he added.

According to the police, they were only interested in seeing the whole congregation united.

“My message to the congregation of Pentecostal church in Bor is that they should be religious people, peaceful, honest having harmony and love for themselves. Accept to understand that the church is not a political organization but spiritual organization. Work for peace and progress for the word of God,” Thon said.


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