Bor launches theater for HIV/AIDS campaign

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

A local theatre has been launched in Bor town to further campaigns against HIV/Aids.

The campaign targets 1,500 people in Makuach, Anyidi, Baidit, Kolnyang and Jalle villages by earlier next year.

The campaign was launched last Friday by the Kreative Nile Family (KNF) with support from the European Union through the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

Speaking during the launch, Dhieu David Dau, the Executive Director of Kreative Nile Family said the program was meant to advance basic mechanisms on how to sensitize local communities on HIV/Aids

He said his group will visit nearby cattle camps to educate locals on the dangers of the HIV/Aids virus, which is on rise in Jonglei state.

“We are looking at this project as a vital plan that will help the communities in Jonglei State. When we look at theatre then it is a tool like a mirror. It reflects on our behaviors, shows how we look, what we do and how we take possible preventions,” Dau said

“We need to talk about it and see how we can support ourselves as communities since the virus is rampant,” he added.

Dau reiterated that it would be an opportunity for the youth to stand up against the spread of the deadly virus in the town.

He said they would carry a daily community outreach programs that comprises of mobile theatre, participatory theatre and school festivals on HIV/Aids.

“We will have cinemas where we will display lots of facts and myths about HIV/Aids for community benefit,” he said

Mach Martin Majier Gai, Mayor of Bor Municipal Council hailed the initiative taken by the Kreative Nile Family (KNF). He said the group need to be encouraged in the community.

“People’s awareness is very important and this concerted effort by Kreative Nile Family (KNF) and NRC should keep going for the welfare of the communities,” he said


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