Bor hospital urges citizens to donate blood

By Manyuon Mayen

The Jonglei State Hospital has decried the reluctance of the citizens to donate blood in order to save lives of those in need of blood.

Mayen Mayol Juuk, an Associate Clinical Officer at the department of centric and Gaenecology in Bor state Hospital said there was need for people in the state to donate blood to rescue lives of those in need of blood.

”Blood donation is very important. It is a life serving measure. Donation of blood does not harm,” Mr Juuk said.

He said despite great challenges of lack of blood in the hospital, citizens in the state were not willing to donate blood to save lives of others.

Mr Juuk said there were often procedures followed during blood transfusion.

”If you have very little blood you will not be allowed to donate blood but you donate after meeting all the requirements,” he said.

According to Juuk, maternal and operation wards were the main wards that are always in need of blood.

He said most pregnant women often experience anaemia after birth which sometimes lead to over bleeding.

”Last two weeks, we had a mother who had problem at the uterus. She had a lot of bleeding and we met an announcement for people to donate blood but no one turned up,” he said.

Mr Juuk said people need to donate blood for the hospital to be able to save lives.




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