Bor hospital records the highest cases of miscarriage

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Jonglei State Ministry of Health confirmed that they have recorded over 10 cases of miscarriage in the past month of October due to lack of health facilities in some counties.

Doctors in Jonglei State hospital have contributed to rise of miscarriage and other factors were chronic diseases such as the malaria, syphilis which led to premature delivery.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Mary Achol Akec,the head of maternity ward at Bor state hospital said that most people have different perception, somethink that vaccine of tetanuswas the cause of miscarriage, but it wasnotwhat caused the miscarriage.

“miscarriage is cause by chronic diseases such as malaria, syphilis and condition of the environment and lack of some health facilities in some part of state has led to rise of miscarriage. I urged the people to take care of pregnant women by giving them foods which are good in nutrition and the pregnant womennot to lift heavy things such as water jerrican, firewood, or charcoal, especially during three months of pregnancy and to go for checkup and screening in the early stage, early checkup may showcauses of miscarriage before occurring and understand the health talk during the pregnant period,” she said.

Mrs. Achol Akec stressed that women were trained on protection on sexual transmitted diseases, test, general checkup and advise on nutrition. The husband is required to be present,especiallyduring thetests of HIV/AIDS, and also incase there was need of blood donation.

She urged husbands to go for checkup with their wives.

Last week, Staff at Bor State Hospital has threatened to lay down their tools within 72 hours if their two months’ arrears were not payoff. Meanwhile,on Friday the staff met with the governor of Jonglei state and accept to resume work on Monday this week.

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