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Bor hospital receives first essential drugs

Nurses offloading Consignment of Essential Drugs in Bor State Hospital

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The Ministry of Health in Jonglei has received the consignment of medication from UNICEF after the long crisis of medication deficiency in Bor State Hospital and the counties of Jonglei state.

The Director-General at Bor State Hospital, Chuol Kueth Kulong said the Ministry has started receiving the consignment of essential drugs last week from UNICEF for Bor South, and the essential drugs for other counties will be delivered directly to the intended counties in order to ease the transportation of the medicines.

“Since last year in May, we didn’t receive any delivery of a consignment of essential drugs from UNICEF and we have been discussing with UNICEF until last week the UNICEF has sent the shipment of essential drugs and those medications are now at Bor State Hospital which contains orals for the Public Care Centers and the Hospital and community kits for Public Unit Center (PCC) and today I have received a call from UNICEF informing me that the consignment which was in Mombasa has arrived at the state”. Said Chuol

Chuol Kueth added that the reason why the medicines are delivered directly to the counties is that the UNICEF facilitates the transportation and shortage in the main hospital to keep them before the distribution to the counties and the most of the medicines contained in the consignment are oral and the injectable medicines aren’t part of consignment received by the Bor State Hospital and maybe the second consignment will contain the injectable medicines.

In December last year, the Ministry of Health in Jonglei state had received the consignment of essential drugs from UNICEF and the aim of medication consignment is to fill the gaps and substance the hospital in the meantime and three months quarter consignment will be delivered in January this year but didn’t go through.

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