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Bor hospital in crisis of doctors -Health Ministry  

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon 

Patients’ lives are at risk in Jonglei state as Bor hospital has been alarmed by shortages of health workers to provide health care to the population.

Speaking to Juba Monitor Ms. Rachel Amuor Pach, Jonglei State Minister of Health said on Tuesday that the situation at Bor Hospital was “horrible, shocking and standing at alarming position.”

Ms. Pach called for immediate intervention to rescue the alarming situation at the state owned hospital. ”Our state is calling for the intervention of professional health care workers. There is lack of medical personnel to provide reasonable access to health care to the patients,” Ms. Pach said.

She further said despite their entire mission to provide better health services to the citizens, lack of professional health workers have always hindered their efforts.

”It is in our best interest to provide quality health services to our people but with only two doctors and few nurses serving the population of over 40,000 people and the neighbouring Eastern Lakes state. It is not possible within the reasonable time to give better health care to our patients,” Ms Pach stressed.

According to the health minister most of the professional health workers had left working at Bor Hospital due to the deteriorating economic situation in the country. She added that most of them are now working with the NGOs.

However, Ms Pach pledged to improve the working conditions of health workers at Bor Hospital once they were recruited.



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