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Bor floods: 11,000 households affected

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least 11000 households have been affected in Bor,  Jonglei state by floods, Governor Philip Aguer has said.

”Heavy rainfall has caused a lot of flooding in Bor and there are estimated 11,000 families who have been affected,” Col. Aguer said.

He said that they have scheduled to hold a meeting with the United Nations humanitarian agencies and stakeholders to see how they will rescue the affected.

According to the state Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Mayen Ngor Atem said most of the agricultural land is seriously flooded with water.

He said that the depth of the floods within the two weeks has been measured up to three hundred and ten millimetres (310) millimetres.

”The onset of rain that started this month has affected most farms in Bor. The amount of rain within this time so far reached to about three hundred and ten millimetres,” Mr. Atem stated.

“These two weeks of heavy rainfall has negatively affected the farming community in the area,” he added.

Mr.  Atem has appealed to the civil population in Jonglei state not to lose hope since it was still remaining about three weeks ahead for them to sow their sorghum.

Minister Atem reiterated that the issue of the flood should be considered by food and security agencies in the country.

”Farming is a private business we cannot do anything as per now. What we are telling our partners is that there is a problem. This problem can now be handled by the food security agencies,” he added.

According to Atem all the southern part of Jonglei state was affected by the flood. He said the national Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security together with Non-Government Organizations had signed Memorandum of Understanding with the government to speed up with the distribution of seeds to the framers.




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