“Book for Best Medicine for Healing”, launched

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

If you want to put Africans in the dilemma, confuse them with the books, this was to according to Chaplain.

 “When you want to hide something from African people put it in the book. Was no longer relevant sentiment among the society simply because African people and essentially few South Sudanese took the bull by the horns particularly when struggling to look for peace for citizens to live in peace and harmony in South Sudan,” said Chaplain Dut.

Chaplain Daniel Mabor Dut Kol said his book mainly talks about healing and reconciliation amongst the people because medically, the medicine does the healing for human being and the healing can established peace and harmony among the people and can be able to forgive and move on in life as power of medicine for healing and reconciliation.

Mr. Dut believed in peaceful South Sudan based on healing and reconciliation using books to build broken hearts as people of South Sudan who suffered for so long but time has come for us to reconcile and move this great nation forward. 

He encouraged young people to invest their time and resources on peace building because human race can never achieve anything on earth without peace that can enable communities to think positive and contribute to nation using abilities God has given tous to serve humanity on earth.

Speaking on behalf of pastors, pastor Domnic Alumai congratulated Chaplain Daniel Mabor for making sure writing a book is no longer white men affair but South Sudanese can willingly do it without problem.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Paul Katamba congratulated Chaplain Daniel Mabor for beating the odd and wrote book that can play a leading role in bringing people South Sudanese together.

The book launching was held at Bugema University main Auditorium on Sunday.

The launching was attended by officials from South Sudan Embassy in Kampala and residence of Bigema University South Sudanese students.

The Best Medicine for Healing book will  now be sold at 25 Uganda shillings and shall be available at bookshops in Kampala and possibly Juba will receive copies soon.

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