Boma State Youth Union leader arrested

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The Youth Union leader in Boma State has been arrested for allegedly writing letter to the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission demanding that 80 percent of the Jobs in the area be given to the local youth.

The Secretary for External Affairs Boma State Youth Union David Ngiro Yangkon claimed that he (Lotilar Gayen) was arrested on Monday by the security personnel on the directives of the State Governor David Yau Yau.

“He was arrested because he demanded for the employment of the local youth in Boma State from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who are operating in the state capital,” Ngiro told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview.

According to Ngiro, the youth in the State agreed last year with the NGOs that 80 percent of the Jobs be given to the youth in the state but the agreement was not honored.

He raised the complaint of local youth employment because according to the laws of RRC, it is stipulated that 80 percent should go to local youth and the local community and 20 percent should go to foreigners.

Ngiro said the percentage requested by the locals never materialized prompting the Youth chairperson to raise the matter again.

“Recently we learned that 80 percent which was supposed to be given to the community has not been given. That is why the State Youth Chairman wrote letters to RRC coordinator in the State to call all the NGOs to review the employment agreement,” he added.

“The youth leader again this year took the letter to RRC office to tell all the organizations to look into the agreement again since they did not implement what we asked from them,” the secretary reiterated.

Ngiro claimed that most of the job advertisements and requirements were being done in Juba which is not right.

Attempts to reach State Governor through the phone was futile, however, Peter Ajak the State Coordinator confirmed the arrest of the Lotilar but declined to give information as to why he was detained.

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