Boma State in dire need of food

Authorities in Boma state are warning that more people could starve to death if no immediate response is taken to rescue the population.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Coordinator of Boma state, Fiji Nyatu Lopole said currently there is no food in the state especially in areas outside Pibor town.

Last week Boma State Minister of Information, Achon John confirmed that eighteen people had starved to death in three counties of Boma state.

Lopole said up to now there is no humanitarian aid that has been given to the people in the state.

He added that the last time humanitarian assistance was taken to the state; most people did not get it because the food that was delivered just ended in two counties of the state leaving out the other 12 counties.

“It has taken almost two months now, there is no commercial vehicle travelling to the state. So the situation is worse, there is nothing completely in the market,” he said.

Lopole said they are “worried that more people will die if the situation is not rescued,”

He added that the ever increasing price of commodities in the state has added more misery to the people.

He said in the market a 50kgs bag of maize flour now costs about 30,000 SSP of which he said the ordinary people in the villages cannot afford.

Lopole appealed to the humanitarian organizations to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Boma State to rescue the situation.

“We are asking the humanitarian and other Non-Governmental Organizations to try to take food to the people of Boma,” Lopole added.

He assured that the security situation is now normal following the signing of the agreement last month between Boma and Jonglei under the mediation of the first Vice President Taban Deng Gai.

He said the issue of cattle raiding and child abduction has drastically reduced adding that the roads are now safe for movement.

He said most of the organization headquarters are in Bor making it very difficult for them to move to the grounds to know what exactly is going on.

By Morris Dogga

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