Boma communities want Yau Yau removed


Hon. Francis Lokurnyany (R), greater Pibor member of Transitional National Legislative Assembly speaks to Juba Monitor yesterday (Photo: Kitab A Unango)

By Kitab A Unango

A section of communities from Boma State have submitted a letter to President Salva Kiir calling for the removal of Governor David YauYau.

In the letter obtained by the Juba Monitor, the communities accused YauYau ofthe disappearance and killing of ten civilians, incompetency to mitigate tribal conflict, corruption and lack of provision of basic services to people of BomaState.

They said eight civilians have also disappeared since January this year in the hands of YauYau and his Cobra Militia whom they accused of supportingSPLA/M-IO andhis opponents who want to become part of the state government.

The communities added that they have lost confidence in YauYau to bring stability to the state saying they need him be replaced with a competent person who will uphold peace and rule of law.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday Francis Lokurnyany, Member of Transitional National Legislative Assembly representing greater Piborsaid YauYau’sremovalwill be the only option to bring peace in Bmoa State.

“We recommend as Boma State Communities that the current governor of ours is not capable, incompetent to hold this public office. In order to rescue the situation from escalation, his removal from the office would save lives, cement peace and stability,” Lokurnyany stressed.

He added, “Revitalized Peace is everywhere. People are supposed to follow the implementation of this peace instead of killing these civilians and he is pretending that they are from SPLA/M IO”.

However, Governor David YauYaudenied all the accusations against him and said that his accusers were not representatives of Boma Communities but his former officials whom he recentlysacked.

“They have been trying to do lot of recruitments but they failed to do it in BomaState that is why they just came up with this accusation. So it is not Boma Community. This is a mixture of some Boma State officials whom I have just removed from their positions and they joined oppositions,”YauYau told Juba Monitor yesterday on phone.

YauYau accused his former minister of physical infrastructure and some generals in the army in Juba of causing instability in the state.

YauYau said some of them were trying to become governor but they failed so they resorted to “wild lie to tarnish the image of his government.”

David YauYau(File photo)

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