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Boda-boda Union elect new leadership in Bor

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Boda-boda Association in Jonglei State appointed new leadership after the position was vacant for long period of time.

Bul Garang, the Information Officer at the electoral commission said that the leadership will take effect soon because we need the community to recognize the new elect leadership and also the government of the state.

“the newly elected leadership will work together with government and community of Jonglei and it will be a platform to solve the challenges such as the issues of underage children riding in the town would be solved by our leadership of Boda-boda Association in Jonglei State,”

Bul urged the Boda-boda riders to follow the road safety measures because the road accident has increased.  

Early on Monday, the Traffic Police service in Jonglei State has confiscated over 62 motorcycles without number plates as road accidents increase in the state. The traffic has recorded the highest number of road accidents last year according to the yearly report of the traffic police service in Jonglei State. According to Traffic Police in Jonglei, indicated that the has recorded highest number of road accidents in Jonglei State.

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