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Boda-Boda ring leaders detained for organizing strike in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas.

The Inspector General of Police in Yei River County of Central Equatoria state confirmed that they had arrested two ring leaders of Boda-Boda Association for alleged organized strike over high price of ridding licenses in Yei –River County.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Brigadier Dominic Sabino Tobo explained that the two were arrested as a result of the recent strike conducted by the Boda-Boda association suspending their operation.

“Boda-Boda Association chairman and his Deputy Laurence Karaba addressed a letter to the county commissioner demanding reduction on the price of ridding licenses, number plate and stickers.The price of license and number plate is not done by the county level, the prices of Motor cycle has been done by Traffic Police in national level from Jubaand then send to counties levels,”

He added that the steps taken by the Boda-Boda to strike was wrong and also against the law.

He revealed that his unit advised the prominent leaders of the Boda-Boda Association to always share and consult the government in issues regarding such cases to avoid being penalized.

“The steps which were taken by the association of Boda-Boda leaders were not a right one and are against the law. I want to advise them to avoid involving in issues that incite violence. Their investigation is completed and they will be released from the custody and go to their advice to them is that they should always consult and share with the government on issues affecting them and not to take the law into their hands,” advised Dominic.

Last week on Wednesday, Boda-Boda riders suspended their work because of what they termed to be mistreatment by the government to the Boda-Boda which brought about a debate by the citizens cautioning the county authorities.

They complained of too much charges levied on them in purchasing motorcycle number plates, licenses and stickers.

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