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Boda-Boda riders unhappy with 72 hours registration order

Boda-Boda riders during the campaign for peace and safety (photo credit: UNMISS):

By Woja Emmanuel Wani

Boda-boda riders in Juba have expressed mixed reactions about an order for them to register within 72 hours.

The Director of the traffic police Major General Kun John Akot in an order on Saturday said all ‘Boda-Boda’ riders were to register their motorcycles within three days.

“This is to inform the motorcycles “boda-boda” that the Directorate of Traffic Police is calling for those who did not register their motorcycles, please you are requested to come and register your motorbike within 72 hours,” the order read in parts.

The order demanded for valid logbook, driving license, helmet and reflector jackets including green number plates as commercial numbers.

The order also indicated that any bodoboda found riding along state house road commonly known as J1 shall be arrested and their bike confiscated.

Boda-Boda riders who spoke to Juba Monitor yesterday said the order was “unfair and unjust.”

Gabriel George, a “boda-boda” rider said the order issued by the authorities was unjust and it will not work because the time specified in the order would not allow the riders to fulfill all the requirements within the stipulated time.

“We also work for the welfare of our families. Some of us have children in schools and the days given for us to register are only three days for which we cannot obey,” Gabriel said.

He also cited that the government should denounce the demand to all motorcyclists to use green number plates as business numbers and allow them to also access all roads including the J1 road.

“Sometimes the traffic police arrest us because of number plates and when we reach to their office they give us private numbers (white) in absence of green plates. If they want us to acquire business number plates it should be exchanged to the private we are already using,” he added.

Another “boda-boda” rider Michael Alphonse reacted that the authorities should consider other alternatives because the current economic crisis has hit everyone.

He said the government should not treat them (boda-boda riders) like foreigners because they also work for the development of the nation.

Alfonse also slammed the “boda-boda” union for not standing and supporting them in their daily activities in issues involving the government.

“We pay SSP 300 monthly to the “boda-boda” union and when such issues arise the union is supposed to stand by us, but they do not act responsibly in supporting us,” Alponese added.

The “boda-boda” union was not immediately available for comment.


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