Boda-boda riders resume work in Yambio

Baraka John

Boda-boda riders have resumed their work afterthey were given green light by the town’s Mayor to charge passengers at a fair price.

On Monday this week the ridersstaged a strike demanding better increment on transportation fare. 

The riders cited that high price of number plates and ridding permits and spare parts forced them to strike.

Following a meeting with the town Mayor onWednesday, Mr. Jackson Gaaniko the Acting Chairperson for Boda-boda association saidit was not his role to increase the transport fares.

“Our town mayor told us that he doesn’t have powers to increase the price of boda-boda, he told us we operate on free market, he said, let us go and discuss with our customers, so, what we need from them they will give to us, it is not a big deal, that was what our town mayor told us.”

This morning, our customers themselves learnt why we closed, because they facedchallenges to get transport.

“As we resumed this morning we don’t ask our customers for 300SSP as new fare but they themselves are paying this 300SSP as new fare,”Gaaniko said.

Mr. Gaaniko said theirdemands have been met half way but still appealing to the State authorities to reduce the fare of number plates and riding permits.

The Mayor of Yambio town, John Singira, said his office has managed to resolve the misunderstanding that involved the motor riders, the chamber of commerce and the traffic police.

The motor riders accused the director of traffic police in the State for hiking the fare of number plates and ridding permits which made them to go on strike.

Prices of boda-boda fare in Yambio town have now increased from SSP200 to SSP 300 respectively.

“My office has formed a five-member committee comprising of the CID, one from my office, chamber of commerce, national security and a representative of the motor riders, the committee is tasked to study the complaint raised by the motor riders and come up with best remedy that will help the riders meet their demands. As of now I told them to go out and resume the work with any price of their choice that they wish to charge passengers, I tried my level best to return them to their normal duty,”Mayor Singirastressed.

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