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Boda-boda riders in Yei decry high fuel prices

Motorcycle riders also known as Boda Boda riders

By Yiep Joseph

Motorcycle riders are also known as Boda Boda riders in Yei River County Central Equatoria State complained of the continuous increase in the price of fuel.

Last year it was reported that petrol stations owners kept their businesses closed as a sign of protest after they were ordered by the county commissioner to reduce from fuel prices from 650 to 450 per liter

Amos Sabani John of the motorcycle riders said that the increase of fuel posed a big threat to their business and survival as customers contently complained.

“We are ready to work under this hot sun heat but is threatening us is the continues increment of fuel prices, last two weeks one litter was at 450 SSP but now it is 650 SSP,” Amos said

“The fuel price is very high and when we need to increase the transport our customers would complain and resort to footing making us to stay without work and our life becomes hard” he added

He called on the good to intervene and provide fuel through the National Petroleum company the Nile Pet in order to reduce the rampant increment of prices that remain a threat to them.

He expressed that this inflation in regards to fuel has raised conflict between Boda Boda Riders and their clients.

“We are in conflict with our customers when even we tell them to increase in fuel price, they thought we are lying and always we quarrel and these is the conflict we are in” he said.

“At least government should help us because we are parents, we have children who wanted to go to school, they need to be treated when sick like rest of the families” he added

He added that the few petrol station in the area detach prices due to monopoly.

“We have few privately owned petrol station in the area who can just wake up in the morning and decide any fuel prices they wanted to charge”

He called on the government to take part in fuel business in the county in order to give good and fair prices. 

However, in his response Luwate Justice Raphael the chairperson for chamber of Commerce in Yei River county said that issue of increase of fuel price remained a challenge not only to motorcycle riders but to all businesses in the town.

“It is true fuel has gone High previously in Yei, a litter of fuel was at 450 SSP but is almost a month now or two weeks it increased to 650 SSP which is really affecting most of the businesses in the area” Luwate said.

He added that the fuel issue has been a regional problem not only in South Sudan but also in other countries.

Luwated said that the county administration would try by all means to make sure that some of the challenges facing business people in the area be solved.

He also revealed that although security is improving in the area, people remain in fear

He called on the people in Yei to cooperate with government in restoring total peace to the area.

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