Boda Boda resumes operations

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala.

Given the careful easing of lockdown, Ugandan government has allowed local transportation industry known as Boda Boda to immediately start operating today 27 July 2020 with absolute observation of preventive measures put in place by the health ministry to safeguard the safety of the passengers from contracting the virus.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, a regular customer to one Boda rider Madam Mary Asunta, a South Sudanese said she was now relieved from stresses of walking which she did for the last three months or so when the lockdown restrictions affected everything in the entire world. Asunta thanked the authorities for allowing Boda Boda transport to be carrying people, “we suffered a lot during the four months’ lockdown,” she said.

According to a Boda rider Mr Sologo James, a Ugandan Boda Boda rider he is now happy to go back to work again after a long period of time without work but it was well done measures intended to protect citizens from dying from novel Coronavirus pandemic. Sologo disclosed that he missed his customers due to Covid-19 challenge that made it extremely difficult to humanity, he said.

Boda Boda transport industry is booming business in Uganda and the entire East Africa as a whole.

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