Boda-Boda operators remain adamant on orders

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The boda-boda riders in Juba say they would not stop operating unless the government provide food and money to its citizen in the country.

On Saturday the government passed an order banning Boda-Boda riders across the country from carrying passengers except cargo for a period of one month.

 The move was a preventative measure against coronavirus.

Some of the boda-boda riders who spoke to Juba Monitor said they would only stop carrying the passengers if government provides everyone in the country with food or money.

Anei Anei, a Boda Boda rider who operates at Asara Willayat station along Airport Road said the order was not going to work with them because they feed their families from the money they make through carrying people.

 “We will only stop operating when we see government providing food or money to everyone in the country, because it is like you sent someone to a place where he or she can die in an hour than staying for two to three days,” said Anei.

He said let the government imitate what the Rwandan government has done by providing free food to the citizens to stay indoors.

 “So we want the government to come out and tell us that they have banned our business and also tell to people that they are taking the responsibility of everyone in the country that could be our joy,” he added.

“Government have to provide us with something in order for us to stop carrying the passengers but if not we never and never stop our business.”

Athian Machar, another boda-boda rider said it was the only way to cater for their families adding that telling them to stop carrying passengers is the worst decision the government has ever done in this country.

 “Telling someone who is looking for food to feed his family to stop looking for food and go to stay without looking for it is like you are trying to kill the person silently,” he said.

He urged the government leave them to work as long as South Sudan remains free from coronavirus saying they are carrying people with no coronavirus.

Garang Akoon, the leader of Alpha Bank boba-boda stage said what government should focus on closing the entry points such as the Airport, the international boarder so that the disease was not carried into the country.

 “As I speak to you I am a boda-boda man and the boda is what I use to feed my family, I pay my children school fees, if they stop me, where am I going to get all these as we all know our government cannot help the citizens,” he questioned.

Maj. Gen Daniel Justin, the police spokesperson said unless the boda-boda riders take their complaints to the authority that issued the order, the law enforcement agents would not stop implementing the order.

“These boda boda riders are organized under their administration, so if they have a concern like this then they can raise it to the High Level Taskforce like they are saying. May be they can do something for them,” Justin told Juba Monitor on phone.

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