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Boda-Boda directed not to carry pregnant women

By Jacob Bol Mayar

A traffic police authority in Jonglei State directed Boda-boda riders not to carry pregnant women in order to reduce the birth complication during the delivery.

The order came after traffic police in the capital Bor confiscated over 20 motorbikes without number plates.

Last month, Jonglei state traffic police issued an order banning children below age of 18 not to ride the commercial boda boda and to confiscate motorcycles without number plates.

Speaking to media yesterday,Samuel Belit Puot, the Traffic Police Director said that boda-boda riders should not carry pregnant women without the consent from the husband, the old aged people shouldn’t be carried because sometime they may not hold on to the riders.

“Motorbikes are not allowed to carry more than three people,that we as the traffic police are trying to regulate the traffic in the capital and law and regulation of traffic should be respected by all the boda-boda riders and all the motorbikes need to be registered in order to know who committed a crime.” Said Samuel

He added that the year is almost coming to an end so all the boda-boda riders need to renew their license.

“the boda-boda riders should not carry pregnant women and more than three people. In order toreduce overspeeding in the innertown to reduce the numbers of accidents”.he urged.

In the month of October more than three people lost their lives in motorcycle accidents and left others with bone fractures.

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