Boda-Boda banned from carrying passengers

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

All the business motorbikes known as Boda-Boda have been strictly barred from carrying passengers for a period of a month in a fight to contain the possible spread of the coronavirus, the government has ordered.

In a related development, the High Level Taskforce on Coronavirus also directed the local transport buses to carry half or less number of usual passengers to avoid crowding.

Dr. Makur Matur Kariom, the Spokesperson of the coronavirus taskforce committee who read the orders after their meeting on Saturday said the orders were to maintain the social distance.

“Boda-bodas (motorcycle) will only be allowed to operate cargo not passenger. Any motorbike rider seen carrying the passenger will definitely be arrested and his motorbike can be confiscated,” he explained.

“In similar way, public transports such as local buses, taxis, and bongo buses should carry half or less number of passengers in order to avoid crowding. This means that buses that have the capacity to carry up to 14 passengers will now carry half of this which is 7 or less passengers. Perhaps, this must be observed critically,” Kariom explained.

He stressed that the newly decided measures should be observed.

Dr. Kariom further said that the taskforce recommended that no one was allowed to stand in bus or taxi park stations.

According to Dr. Kariom, it would be indispensable if the people of South Sudan could adhere to the directives since the High Level Taskforce aim at controlling the outbreak of Corona virus.

“Those who will resist the order will face the law. This means they will be taken to the competent court of law to face the justice,” he concluded.

Last week, the High Level Committee on Coronavirus declared curfew from 8:00pm to 6am across the country in a fight against coronavirus.

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