Boats collision leave two people dead in Jonglei

By Deng Ghai Deng

At least two people are confirmed dead and five others injured following boats head collisionon the night of Wednesday in Twic East County, Jonglei State.

KuirMacharMayen who is a victim who sustained injuries inthe incident describes what happened.  

“The incident happened when a motorboat which was coming in front of us ran into our boat. We were sailing on our right side. The boat struck our boat, it hit the side I was sitting and we fell off the boat into the river. The guy who sat next to me got killed and I am injured on my left leg,” Machar said.

The Director of River Police in Bor, Col.Atem CholKur says the accident occurred at a place called Marialat night.

 “The incident took place at around 11 o’clock last Night. 2 motorboats collided and 2 people died and five others were injured. The injured are being treated at Bor hospital,”Chol explained.

Chol said the suspect has been arrested for investigation over the accident and shall be arraigned to the court.

He said many of the boat accidents along the Nile are the results of drug abuse and negligence toward the traffic rules. He said the more strike rules to control the transport along the river Nile will be implemented.

CholAngauNgeth, the chairman of Boat traders Union in Bor condemned the accident and urged boat captains to always take precautionary measures while sailing in the Nile.

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