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Board accuses opposition of derailing peace

BY Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Joint Defense Board (JDB) indicated in their report that the National Salvation Front (NAS) with a capacity to derail the peace process and that Magenis had regained relative calm.

“Currently, Magenis has regained some relative calm and the conflict in the area which is generally an internal issue of the SPLA-IO, is being addressed by the SPLA-IO leadership with the help of the Presidency,an amicable settlement of the dispute is being sought to permanently resolve the matter,” read the report.

“While acting on directives of the Presidency, the JDB dispatched trust and confidence teams to all the training centres in August 2021 to calm down the tension and fears of perceived collapse of the R-ARCSS and to inform the trainees of their forthcoming graduation, and above all to urge them that the events in Magenis which led to changes in the SPLA-IO military hierarchy are isolated and do not in any way constitute a collapse of the peace process.”

However, according to the Joint Defense Board, the intention of the National Salvation Front (NAS) was alarming.

“Joint defense board continues to exert command and control over all forces, except for non-aligned parties and as we all know, armed civilians engaging in inter-ethnic conflicts, Minor isolated cases have not had serious impact on the overall security arrangements of the agreement. However, the intention of National Salvation Front (NAS) is serious, with capacity to derail the peace process if not resolved,” read the report.

On the same note, the report indicated that LakesState situation was improving and calm.

“Rumbek and Lakes State has been experiencing cattle raids,revenge killings, looting and burning of property, and above all, the inhumane torture targeted on the usual innocent women and children, nonetheless, currently, the situation in Lakes State is improving while people in the area are experiencing extreme calm.” The report stated.

“Ambushes along major roads, which were recently more common have reduced, that is because of the continuous commitment by the Parties to the R-ARCSS in observing the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement.”

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