BLAME, civil society takes on National Dialogue

By: Martha David

Civil Society group have blamed National Dialogue Steering Committee for not cooperating with them.

The group questioned the role and mandate of the National Dialogue in responding to issues affecting the country.  

Betty Sunday, a representative from Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) said a lot had been happening in the country and the National Dialogue did nothing.

She said there wasn’t any response from the National Dialogue over the killing and detention of Civil Society Organization members, cattle raiding, the suffering of IDPS and other critical issues affecting the country.

Sunday said the National Dialogue had not been thinking about the civil society and were looking at the CSOs as their enemy since it was the first time that they had engaged with the National Dialogue.

She added that the committee had the power and mandate to question the government on the extension on the formation of the unity government.

 “Have you talked to the government about the insecurity situation in the country and if not how are we going to improve it?” she asked.

She said that civil society had been working as a complementary with some Government institutions in order to develop the country.

“I want to request the National Dialogue if they can sit with the parties to the agreement and ask them what exactly is the problem of the extension because we have lost trust and maybe they will extend again if I am not mistaken,” she added.

She pointed out that the committee had power to correct the government and the parties on the issues that were going wrong.  

Sunday said the National Dialogue and civil society was complementary to the government and that there was need for them to work together and look for solutions for the problem as South Sudanese.

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