Bitterness means the state of being hostile and unhappy, uncomfortable spiritually and emotionally. And it occurs inside the heart. It is a state of having immoral feelings about something or somebody that is giving you apprehensions. The feelings can keep burning inside you like a fire.  Bitterness is symptomized with too much anger that is always putting a person into pressure of getting annoyed for a simple reason.

A person with a bitter heart is likely to develop serious hatred towards others and always willing to do evil deeds to them. You could be having something which your friend does possess, so he or she would get envy because of the difference between you. People with disagreeableness only need to be equal with you in terms of what you own but when they see you climbing the ladder of success; they would want to distort your happiness. You know it by yourself very well that you also have bitter heart. It is not born with you or created but you could learn and adapt from those who practice it.

For instance if you see your best friend chilling with someone else, you will not be pleased because you may think that the friend is going to leave you. You may think that you are not important anymore. It is obvious for you to have hurtful feelings and thus, it makes you to drain yourself into a ruthless mood all the times. You would not even get a nice time to rest your mind and settle your thoughts. You will never feel happy because of mistakes that you did not forgive.

When you see that person who wrongs you, the memories are easy to cover your sensation. You don’t start thinking about negative ideas. That manner can never do anything good in your life but the result is stress and unhappiness.

It blocks your jubilation and brings curses upon you. The better way is to forgive. Even though there is something big being done to you, just take it easy and make yourself busy focusing on your life. Dirty heart prevents happiness and ways to success. Therefore, why don’t you choose a flexible life? Try today, to refrain from getting jealous when you see your brother with a new car. Don’t hate your sister because he has a concrete house.

If they are rich, respect and love them. It is through their determination and hard work that brought them the wealth. So my brothers and sisters, we cannot be enemies to one another. We make mistakes that offend others but if we admit that what we have done to them was not intentional, we will be forgiven.  We need to build strong friendship among us. Even if there are some of us that seem not to be unchangeable, they should not stop us from going ahead with peaceful life. Temptations are not limitations but they must be considered as lessons.

We have to forgive ourselves. By understanding the mission on this Earth, we are able to conclude that peace and love are the most gifts that we are required to practice in our daily life. Let us live together. Look at yourself and your friend, do you have big differences? You are just one and equal. Don’t look at the negative parts of your friend. Just figure out the good side and praise them for that. Encourage and motivate people to follow your right footsteps.  Avoid being jealous. You must also work heartily to get what you want instead of putting your hearts in someone’s property. The work of your hands will bring prosperity in your life. Always work and pray. Life is only yours. You have to make sure that it is enjoyable.

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