Bishop’s shooting was planned, says police

By Yiep Joseph

The delegation that left for Rumbek to investigate the incident that left bishop wounded earlier this week, confirmed that the attack was a conspiracy well planned to harm Bishop Christian Carlassare, the bishop of Rumbek Diocese.

In an Exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, the deputy spokesperson for South Sudan National Police Service Col. James Dak Karlo revealed that the incident was well planned by certain group yet to be known.

“We reached the scene where the incident happened and wediscovered that the incident was a conspiracy and well-organized crime with intention to harm the bishop simply because within the compound there are about seven rooms and the room for the bishop is towards the end, how did the attackers identify where the bishop wasand there were other priests in rooms 1, 2, 3until you reach the last room,” Dak said.

“We investigated and made inspection, get all the witnesses and one of them is a priest who was in the compound and was present at the night of 25th when the incident happened, his statement has been taken,” he added.

“The scenario we have discovered is that one of the bishops mighty have an interest of being installed as the new bishop for the diocese,” he revealed.  

“When the bishop of Juba was appointed there was complaint from certain community and I hope that was the thing that happened in Rumbek,” he added.

He mentioned that the delegation has left one expert in Rumbek to help the committee formed by the state government to investigate the 24 suspects.

“We left a well-qualifiedinvestigator in Rumbek to cooperate with the security organs and the committee formed by the state to investigate the suspects and get the perpetrators,” he added.

He mentioned that the two mobile phones that were left behind by the attackers will be brought to telecommunication office in Juba to trace the culprits.

He called on the general public to cooperate with the police to bring the culprits to book citing that the criminals stay within the community.

He urged the public not to relate the incident that left the bishop wounded with the communal conflict in Lakes state. 

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