Bishops from Olo Diocese visit refugees in Arua

Rt. Rev. Tandema Obed Andria Bishop of Olo Diocese of ECSS Maridi State during a visit in Ofua refugee’s settlement (photo by Gaaniko Samson Jerry)

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

The Bishop of Olo Diocese of Maridi State and the delegation from Connor Diocese of Church Missionary Society from Ireland has visited refugees to push for reconciliation among them.

Addressing the congregation on Sunday in Ofua Refugees settlement in Rhino camp, Rt. Rev. Tandema Obed Andria the Bishop of Olo Diocese Maridi State has urged the refugees to be hopeful to returning home.

He said the six bishops were in Arua to reconcile the South Sudanese refugees living in the camps.

Bishop Andrea added that he and his colleagues would also discuss the challenges facing refugees in the camp. Andrea said the Church wanted the peace agreement to be embraced by all citizens for the benefit of the refugees who were suffering in Uganda.

“The Church is still calling on all the youth who took arms against the government to come back home so that the country can achieve lasting peace,” he said.

He urged the refugees to embrace peace and forgive among themselves. “Whether you have lost someone during conflict orproperties, you have to forgive and forget,” he advised.

Rev. Amanda Adam, a member of the visiting Connor Diocese of Church Missionary Society Ireland said all the Churches are advocating for peace and reconciliation among South Sudanese.

“It is good to have a friend in Christ who prays for peace. We are all brothers and sisters with the same blood. We need to embrace the spirit of unity,” he said.

“There is hope for South Sudanese refugees to return to home to restart their normal lives,” Bishop Adam said.

The Refugee Welfare Council II (RWC II) Chairperson of Ofua Refugees Settlement, Felix Adie Nicolas appreciated the government of Uganda and the host communities for their solidary towards the refugees.

Mr. Nicolas said there were more than 10,000 refugees living in Ofua Zone with majority being the youthand women.

However, Nicolas said poor health service was the major challenge facing refugee in the camp.

“Mostly pregnant mothers and children often end up losing their lives due to lack of better health services,” he lamented.






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