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Bishop’s case second hearing slated for next week

Bishop-elect Mons. Christian Carlassare of Rumbek Catholic Diocese

By John Agok

The second hearing of the case of Rumbek bishop, Christian Carlassare of the Catholic Diocese is scheduled for Monday 7th February at 10:00am. 

According to the Judge in Juba High Court during the preliminary hearing on Thursday, the second court hearing will be next week as one suspect of the six admitted that he is guilty of an attempted murder.

One suspect confessed that he actually fired bulletsat the cleric on 25 April 2021 out of 12 suspects who were apprehended, including three priests or clergy who have pioneered the alleged shooting of Bishop-elect of Rumbek Catholic Diocese.

Judge Alexander Sabor Subke disclosed that the case is still in its initial stage and second hearing will be on Monday 7th 2022.

The pleaded defend lawyer told media that, it is high time to conclude for accused who confessed to be guilty, he still needs fair and free trail for justice to prevail.

“We have not yet reached the stage of guilty but the next session will be for investigation or hearing to determine the facts. Now is still “plea taking” the message we have to speed up the case hearing for the rest of the suspects”, the source who declined to be named said.

However, Fr. Andrea Osman noted that, Mons. Carlassare is still in Nairobi -Kenya where he recovered from the injury and resumed his duties there.

“As the man of God, he is discharging his duties to people of God in Kenya after he recovered from an injury in July last year”, he said.

President Kiir Mayardit condemned the act of violence against the bishop-elect and called for an immediateinvestigation that ensued to arrest of 12 suspects, including three clergy.

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