Bishop Yugusuk calls for respect to the cessation of hostility accord

By Morris Dogga

The Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS), Central Equatoria Internal Province Rev. Paul Pitya Yugusuk is asking the parties to the agreement to respect the Cessation of Hostility and desist from Confrontations.

In the past Months, clashes have continued between the South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF) and the National Salvation Front led by Gen. Thomas Cirilo especially in the Equatoria Region.

The Peace Monitoring body-Ceasifire Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAMVM) said last week that it continued to observe clashes between the parties to the agreement especially in the Central Equatoria Regions.

Bishop Yugusuk said the parties have continued to engage in confrontations.

He said new clashes have been reported in Lokiliri Payam of Central Equatoria State between the SSPDF and Armed group believed to be belonging to the National Salvation Front.

Bishop Yugusuk who visited the area said over 1,000 people mainly Children and women have been displaced with no shelter and nothing to eat.

“This time is for peace and we want to commit you into the implementation of the peace agreement as well as the Rome declaration. The Civilians are tired. Whatever confrontation, the army men are engaging in, it is directly affecting the civilians,” he said.

“Instead we want to give them farming tools so that people embark on agriculture activities rather than running up and down. Let them have mercy on the civil population; let them respect the civil population. This is just too much,” he appealed.

Bishop Yugusuk told Juba Monitor that most the displaced people were women and children and were in urgent need of assistance.

He said the displaced persons have sought refuge in three locations of Tingili, Lomega and Lomini- the borders with Eastern Equatoria.

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