Bishop Tombe calls for end to conflict

By Rose Keji Benjamin

Bishop Enock Tombe has called on South Sudanese to end the conflict in the country.

The Bishop made the remarks upon his arrival to the country from Nairobi where he had gone for medical treatment yesterday.

The Bishop said he was back to serve his people and the church.

Speaking to the media, Bishop Tombe said he had taken a 30 day sick leave to seek treatment in Nairobi and was only found with malaria but now he was both physically and mentally fit and the people should not worry for he was back to his people.

Bishop  Tombe, the Bishop of Rejaf Episcopal Church said he was one of the delegation at the peace negotiations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and a member of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) and was back to serve his people.

“I was found to be stressed but good now. I thank God for my life and well-wishers,” he said.

He was released by Arch Bishop Paul Pitia Yugusuk of Central Equatorial state during his leave for treatment.

Bishop Tombe further said that he had not been able to get a chance to go for his leave because of the 2013 incident and was engaged in Addis-Ababa for the peace negotiations.

The Bishop said the doctors in Nairobi tested him and it was found that he had stress.

He disclosed that he wanted to prepare for the last activity in November as a Bishop.


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