Bishop tells students to put knowledge into practice

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The Bishop of Episcopal Church of South Sudan Rev. Justin Badi Arama has challenged the primary 8 and senior 4 candidates who will sit for this year national examinations to put their knowledge into practice wisely as they approach their final examinations.

“So I encourage you, time has come that you put knowledge you have acquired from your teachers into practice, putting it into practice requires wisdom,” Justin said.

He was speaking at the event of dedication prayer to primary 8 and senior 4 at Darling Wisdom Academy on Thursday in Juba.

Bishop Justin praised the school administration for investing in education to change lives of young people adding that many people have money but lack wisdom to utilize it.

“The ability to put those skills into practice is known as wisdom. Many people have money but the ability to put that money into good use to build a school like this; that is wisdom where many people don’t have, it is only one man who is able to do this,” he said.

He told the gathering that success in education depends on a joint effort between parents and teachers saying they should always dedicate their lives in supporting their children.

“Success of education depends on the joint effort by parent and teachers, Parents first and then teachers second Why I am saying parents first, this is because parents have a great role in the life of young people,” Justin expressed.

He cautioned girls to be patient in their studies adding that they should follow good steps and not getting confused along the path of their education.

“But girls without wisdom rush to maternity uniform, without examining their future. So I encourage girls studying in Darling Wisdom to follow the right steps,” he cautioned.

Noble Arem Riak, Director of the school urged the candidates to commit themselves and work hard to attain good performance saying they should trust in God who gives knowledge.

“I need to remind our candidates that success does not just come easy, you need to commit and give time to concentrate in books by working hard. I urge them to be God fearing because with God all things are possible,” Arem said.

Meanwhile, Merio Jimmy, Parents Teachers Association chairperson warned the candidates not to cheat during examination by involving into malpractices.

Cheating is not allowed, cheating and stealing is punishable by God under the 7th commandment ,” Jimmy said.

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