Bishop tells Kiir, Machar to consider suffering of people

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The Archbishop of Northern Bahr El Ghazal province of Episcopal Church of South Sudan, Moses Deng Bol has appealed to the Government and the main opposition to lay down their political ambitions and consider the suffering of the civil population.

“We should not hold the people of South Sudan back because honestly people are tired of war and they are looking at leaders to really save them from this kind of situation. I believe for sure if we take the interest of our people instead of our own political interest, I believe we can find a common ground within one hour,” Bishop Deng said.

He was speaking to the press yesterday during the Peace Forum discussion organized by Civil Society Organizations with support from United Nations Mission in South Sudan Civil Affairs Department.

“They have to sacrifice some of their political interests, I know each group has a political interest,” he added.

Bishop Deng said the behaviors of the leaders have cost the country’s reputation, noting that some countries have taken South Sudan as a laughing stock.

“We are now a laughing stock of the whole world, even I have seen one of the African Presidents saying that the independence of South Sudan was a big mistake,” he said.

 “So we are now being given a bad example of independence, having struggled for freedom for fifty years; is that how we wanted the world to look at us? My appeal to them is please, sacrifice some of your political interests and put the interests of millions of South Sudanese above your interest,” he emphasized. 

For his part, Jame David Kolok, Executive Director for Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance (FODAG) said there was no sign of commitment from the parties towards February 22 deadline.

“Everybody is concerned that the peace process is moving very, very slow. The citizens are also concerned that despite the facts that we are left with 10 days, there are no signs of commitment,” he said.

“The political will is extremely lacking to move this process forward. Citizens are very much concerned that the parties need to compromise on the issue of the states and the government must be formed on the 22nd of February without any further delay,” David said.

He called on the government to support the forces who are currently undergoing training at various centers in the country.  

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