Bishop Santo Loku Pio questions dismissal of judges

The Auxiliary Bishop of  the Catholic Archdioces of Juba, Santo Loku Pio has questioned the dismissal of the Judges and Justices who were merely demanding for their rights.

Earlier, in their general assembly meeting held in Juba a day after their dismissal, the Judges and Justices said they were ready for dismissal and urged President Salva Kiir to decide either to meet all their demands including the reinstatement of the dismissed members who had been following up their issues with the government or dismiss them all.

Speaking to the congregation at St. Therasa Catheral in Kator last Sunday Bishop Pio advised the faithful who are public civil servants not to adhere asking for their salaries, “If you ask for your salaries you will be dismissed, so don’t ask”.

He said dismissal of people has never been a solution to any problem, and asked the Christians to learn how to resolve their complaints whether in their families or at the work places.

Bishop Pio stressed that whether it is lack of food or resources people must sit down together to talk about it amicably without dismissing one another. “You can dismiss your children when they are still young, but when they grow-up, they will also dismiss you”.

“Those in the leadership should know that dismissing people is not a good thing even I as the Bishop I cannot continue dismissing people [Priests] because I need them,” he said. “Tomorrow they will become bishops, as I am not the first and the last,” Bishop Pio added.

He said people should not threaten to kill others, but give life instead, especially at this trying time in our history just like the people of Israel waiting to be liberated. “They are not liberated but are waiting for the day of liberation.”

The clergy said the Bible’s golden rule says” do to others what you want others to do to you, “what is your ambition, is it to be great by dismissing others?” he asked.  “This is a negative thinking and it cannot grow, it is a thinking of a stone heart.”

Bishop Pio advised the faithful not to think negatively against their families saying the married partners must always address the complaints as they come .

He said the dismissal of people creates a lot of conflicts and rebellion, adding even dismissal of a wife by her husband creates a lot of family disorder.

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