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Bishop pleads for freedom of expression

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Bishop of Yei Catholic Diocese Erkolano Lodu Tombe pleaded for freedom of speech in the country.

The Bishop stressed that no South Sudanese to be controlled from speaking the truth as there is no peace in the country because of insecurity.

“In this country, we need freedom of speech. Let people talk and let no body be controlled from speaking provided that he or she speaks reality or truth. We blame the situation. And those who are responsible why the situation is bad, if they have consents and brain and hear, they will know that they are the cause of the situation in the nation. I am free to say there is no peace. Let people be free to say there is no peace in this country because there is no security. Anybody is free to say that there is peace in this country. I respect their opinion. Let them also respect my opinion that there is no peace because there is no security.

Our slogan is “security and peace” not just peace and pieces. Freedom of speech! Not only in Yei River County, but in the whole of South Sudan”.

Bishop Tombe said that people lived in fear because there was still killings being witnessed in the area.

He appreciated SSPDF Commander under Brigadier, John Lual Tong for improving security in Yei for the last one Year.

“People fear and the fear is not for nothing, there are criminals along the ways and I don’t know who they are? There are people still being killed. In Yei town we appreciate brigadier commander of SSPDF in Yei garrison”.

He added that the town was calm though there were people being killed sometimes in the town.

Bishop Tombe expressed that in any country there are criminals but for brigadier Tong of Yei garrison they felt there was improvement for one Year.

Tong has improved the security in the Town and controlled the movement of the army under his responsibility respectively. Those who were far from his responsibility were the criminals or some criminals joined them.

The Bishop encouraged people of Yei to continue with the same spirit and not to disturb themselves with what they could eat what they should drink.

He concluded that let people in Yei uniteand create strong relationship among themselves with love and prayers.

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