Bishop Lodu advises citizens to be careful of covid-19

By Hassan Arun

Catholic Bishop of Yei Diocese Erkolano Lodu Tombe has urged the citizens to observe the order issued by the government regarding Covid-19.

He said despite absence of the virus in the country, people need to be careful to avoid being affected with the deadly disease.

His Grace Lodu made the statement during his homily on Sunday at Christ the King Cathedral in Yei.

Bishop Lodu said people should stop being careless about their personal health as some neighboring countries including Uganda have declared the outbreak.

He noted that sometimes natural disasters and situations can cause fear and panic in the minds and hearts of the people.

However, Bishop Lodu encouraged the faithful to take care of one another, families and communities and trust in God because He is in charge and protection of the people.

The Catholic Bishop advised citizens to take the instructions given to them seriously because they are important for the health of individuals.

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