BISHOP-Follow Covid-19 measures

By Emelda Siama John

The Archbishop of Archdiocese of Juba, His Grace Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla yesterday called on the congregations to follow Covid-19 measures. saying that the virus is real and very prevalent in the country.

His Grace Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla revealed that Christians should follow the measures of covid-19 citing the high death toll being reported on a daily basis and others that were not recorded.

Speaking at St. Theresa Cathedral in Kator during Easter Sunday, Bishop Mulla urged Christians to protect the elderly since they are the vulnerable group in society.

“The day of Easter is forgiveness and Easter itself is forgiveness for our sins, Jesus was beaten, he was crucified and he rose up on the third day. Today Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death,” he said.

Bishop Mulla urged Christians to celebrate Easter with respect saying God would continue to give life whenever they asked for forgiveness.

“We need forgiveness from God and forgiveness for one another, all of us have to respect the hierarchy of the church. The most important things is to respect the church and the hierarchy of Holy Communion,” Bishop Mulla said

He said human beings were all equal before God adding that all races should treat each other as one.

Thursday was the day for washing the feet of 12 disciples in which many Christians remembered what Jesus did to his disciples before he was arrested and crucified.

Last Friday, Christians were granted four days to pray and celebrate Easter Sunday which ended yesterday.

Last month the government imposed a partial lockdown closing social gatherings, schools as well as religious prayers. Early reports of harassment by security at the Kator Church could not immediately be confirmed. Some eyewitnesses alleged that the security personnel gathered at the church entrance and prevent worshippers from getting into the compound.

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