The designated bishop of Rumbek Rev Christian Carlossire is set for his ordination which was cut short by an assassin’s bullet on arrival to take his new mandate in April last year even before settling down for the task ahead of him as was expected by the appointing authority, Pope Francis. He was then sent to local sources of medication and later to Nairobi where he has now recovered and back ready to take to church forward and on this one, he will need all support from Christians, more so, the Catholic faithful. One thing which has come out of this man is that despite all that happened he has forgiven the culprits for what they did to him from the church point of value but the criminal aspect that remained the prerogatives of the government. This is one sign of a true Christian belief that one has to forgive to continue moving on with life and other human chores within and without. It gives hope to all, the country and the region far beyond that the scheduled visit of Pope Francis is and will always remain a blessing. Christians, Muslims, and all others have responsibilities to bring the country together for peace. There must be coordinated and collaborated efforts to ensure there are no more unknown or known gun-men and women roaming the streets without being in their right place which is behind the bar. Rumbek’s reconciliation and forgiveness and the Pope’s visit should be taken seriously as a milestone to open any future peace dialogue in each and every circumstance, positions which have been taken for granted far too long. It is time to put the final nail on the casket. The country must come together and put all its priorities right for the people and the socio-economic administration

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