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Bishop calls on Christians to be ready to welcome Pope

By Yiep Joseph

The Primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan Justin Badi Arama yesterday called on Christians to be prepared to welcome his holiness, Pope Francis, during his visit to the country scheduled for July.

In his Easter holiday message through the media, the primate called on the Christians to prepare to receive the top world Christians leader as he also appealed for an end to violence in Abyei, Leer, and other parts of the country.

“May we all prepare to receive the top World Christian leaders(Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Presbyterian Moderator) who have scheduled a pilgrim visit for peace in South Sudan in the first week of July. May we all pray for the success of that visit and prepare to warmly receive them in Juba” Badi said.

“In the celebration of Easter this year 2022, we pray for peace in the world and more especially the war between Russia and Ukraine, the continued violent attacks on the people of Abyei and in different parts of the country to come to an end” he added.

He appreciated the parties to the revitalized PeaceAgreementfor the progress made.

“We applaud the parties to the revitalized Peace Agreement for the progress so far made, especially in the area of security arrangement,” he said.

“We still appeal to them not to allow the ceasefire to collapse, and we support them in prayers for God’s guidance to plan and handle well the end of the transitional period which is very close” he reiterated.

He extended prayers for those displaced in various parts of the country and the refugees outside the country saying that they should celebrate with hope.

“The resurrection story is Good News for us all, no matter what we are facing individually, as a family, or as a nation, let’s joyfully celebrate the resurrection of the Saviour of the world. On Easter Day, we celebrate the victory of the resurrection, and the hope of new life after death. It was on Easter day that Christ conquered hate, torture, worries, misery and death, Easter brings the story of hope peace, love and the transformation of human challenges for the better” he expressed.

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