Bishop calls hoarders to keep money in banks

By Hassan Arun

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Yei, Erkolano Lodu Tombe called on those who are hoarding money in their houses to keep money in the banks saying it could reduce inflation in the country.

He made the remarks yesterday whilepreaching the message to the congregation at Christ the king Cathedral during AshWednesday, describing the economic situation in the country asdisastrous.

“Citizens are struggling to live on daily basis to get something to eatbecause of corruption exhibited by corrupt people,” Bishop Lodu said.

Bishop said corruption in the country has become rampant,arguing that the vice will soonreducethe country to nothing.

The Catholic prelate commends that the introduction of one thousand SouthSudanese bank note will never be a remedy for the current economic crisis.

“Economic situation is a disaster; I don’t know what better word I could use to describe it, but I call it a disaster. We are just living by chance, we arestruggling to live from day to day from hand to mouth saving nothing,” Bishop wondered.

“Corruption is going on especially those who hold high authority, whyis there no money, this country in the market and everywhere, who is hoarding this money? So, these are the kind of things which are part andparcel of corrupt nation and people particularly those who hold moneyin authority,” he asked.

The religious leader added that covid-19 had worsened, statingthat the government and partners should support the public as covid-19 pandemic continue to surge.

“Let this time of lent be a period for us to welcome God into ourlives, pray and fast do-good work and love one another. I call upon youto help the needy with the little you have and if you don’t also have, make the needy understand that you don’t have it,” Bishop advised the


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