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The Assistant Bishop of Diocese of Bor, Rt. Rev. Patrick Augustine at Juba Monitor yesterday (Photo: Kitab A Unango)

By Kitab A Unango

The Assistant Bishop of Bor Diocese, Rt. Rev. Patrick Augustine has called on the government to instill confidence in the people of the country.

Augustine said peace and development will be realized in the country if people have confidence in the government.

He pointed out that confidence is achieved when leaders unite themselves and become servants of the citizens.

“Put your differences away, hold your hands together. This will give confidence to the people,” Augustine said. “There is lack of confidence among the people of South Sudan,” he added.

Speaking during a daring discussion with the Editor in Chief of the Juba Monitor Newspaper yesterday, Augustine said war has destroyed the country’s infrastructures and social fabric of the people of South Sudan.

He again called on the government to do the same to the citizens what Pope did to them in the Vatican this year.

He said, “God has given you a free country, why should your people sleep hungry?”

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