Bishop Arkanjelo launches new book

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Bishop Dr. Arkanjelo Wani Lemi launched a new book titled “Seven Pillars of Effective Leadership,”

Speaking to Pressduring the launch of the book, Bishop  Lemi said the book lays the ground for effective leadership that it touches on the seven crucial areas that shape our lives.

“My life journey in Christian leadership and pastoral call spanning several decades in the service of God’s flock, I feel the urgency of this generation of leaders a need for cutting edge breed of Christian leaders who will raise the bar in all spheres and domains of influence in the nations around the World. Seven pillars of effective leadership is a collection of my work in the pastoral office as a shepherd and bishop in the African Inland Church (AIC). My deepest passion is to see the transformation that comes with holistic leadership that prescribes the seven pillars outlined in this book,” he narrated.

He added that thebook talks about how the business leader motivatespeople accomplish goals and get things done quickly. Leadersdemonstrate attribute of courage, creativity and entrepreneurial energy. Strong leaders are essential to success of a project, leaders transform vision into reality.

He revealed that families need to be influenced on how we provide leadership in our family now for the future like entertainment is not just only music. Entertainment is when you bring people in your house, eat together and other things will bring happiness.

According to Bishop Lemi, the fees of the book is 3000 South Sudanese Pounds.

He said hestarted writing the book from 2011 up to date.

Bishop Dr. ArkanjeloWaniLemi was theBishop of the African Inland Church [AIC] in Yei.

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