Bior faction dismisses Onyoti

By David Mono Danga

The National Executive Committee of the Democratic Change Party (DCP) has dismissed Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec, the current party Chairman, who is also the Minister of Agriculture and his deputy, Donald Gideon Azomuna

In a press release to Juba Monitor signed by the party’s Acting Secretary general, Andrew Okony Ayom, the DC party accuses the two leaders for ‘gross violation’ of the party’s constitution and regulations.

The party accused Onyoti and Donald Gideon for defecting and forming an illegal independent entity, an act it says, makes it difficult for the party leadership to impose disciplinary actions against Onyoti and Gideon.

It says the appointment of Onyoti as a National Minister of Agriculture and Food Security in the name of the party Chairman has undermined and compromised the administrative role of Political Party Council (PPC).

The press note blames Onyoti and Gideon for masterminding divisions amongst the party members by illegally declaring themselves as the party leaders. It says the National Leadership party is not responsible for choosing the party’s leadership, thus, violating the party’s constitution.

The statement further accuses Onyoti and his colleague for ‘forging and stealing’ documents of the party and use them for issuing illegal resolutions and decisions, including the signatories to the party’s Account NO_1841 with the Agriculture Bank of South Sudan.

The note accuses Onyoti and his colleague Gideon of violating the political parties Act 2012 by using the name of the party to which they hold no Registration Certificate. Hence, they have illegally rendered the party liable for violating the National Laws.

In response to the press note, Onyoti dismissed the press release, calling it ‘baseless accusations’ that are being circulated by ‘rebels’. Onyoti said he is the official Chairman of the Democratic Party, elected by members of the National Leadership Council.

‘These people are rebels and what they are saying is rubbish…baseless accusations that cannot help us unite the party,” Onyoti told Juba Monitor yesterday.

‘I am the official Chairman of the DC Party and Donald Gideon is my deputy. Where were they when the National Council members elected me? Why did they refuse to attend the meeting chaired by Gideon? Onyoti added.

Onyoti said the registration certificate of the party was taken by the former Chairman of the DCP, Dr. Lam Akol. “The Certificate of Registration they are talking about was taken by Dr. Lam and sent to them. Now they claim they are the leaders of the party because someone outside is sending them money to fund their activities,” said Onyoti.

He said the constitution was first violated by Dr. Lahm Akol, the former Chairman of the DCP, when he decided to call for amendment of the constitution of the party.

Mogod Makir Mayindi, the Spokesperson of the Democratic Change Party said what is written in the press release is a ‘lie’.

‘What these people have written is a lie; Onyoti Adigo and Donald Gideon were elected by the part members during a National Leadership Council meeting on 5th –November last year that they refused to attend’. Mayindi told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview yesterday.

He said those who claim that they are the leaders of the DC party were actually the six members who were dismissed by the party last year.

Mayindi said he and the rest of the party members do not know where these ‘self-proclaimed’ DC party leaders are operating from, since they don’t come to the party’s headquarters at Hai Thoura.

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