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Big names faired in South Sudan Music Awards

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

South Sudan music awards (SSMAs) has launched its third edition of awarding South Sudan artists with certificates.

SSMAs is an awarding company that started since 2019with the aim of supporting the artists and encouraging those who had chosen art as their career under the theme “Celebrating our own”.

SSMAs believes that Music is not appreciated nor recognized in South Sudan, aiming at giving South Sudanese a reason to why they should invest in art.

Speaking to Juba Monitor at the sideline on the event, South Sudanese Artist,Amira Irene Agok known by her stage name as Irene Toss, mentioned that South Sudanese were ignorant about ‘supporting’ Artist because they think art is minor thing to be supported.

“Most of the South Sudanese are ignorant, they don’t support their own, for instant most of the people are not here with us to support us because they think this is a minor thing, but with this program today I feel the music in South Sudan is progressing despite the obstacles, but with all that we are learning, and yes I appreciate SSMA for making us part of this journey,” she explained.

She further said that her being awarded as female vocalist for the year 2021, is not her own but for the fans too.

On his part, South Sudanese Artist, Malish Innocent urged SSMA to reach out to the grassroots, saying that it would help people to change their negative thoughts toward the art.

“This is one of the biggest award and am happy and feel great, however am requesting SSMA to go to the grass root, so that they can change South Sudanese mindset and except us {artist} and to also promote, support and except us because if they don’t, then there will be no change that will happen,” he said. 

However, Franco Emmanuel aka franko Kokunymi, who was awarded during the event as the ‘Best African’ act appreciated SSMA for supporting the artist.

“This is a big day to me and to my fans, this award is for all of us, so thank you all for supporting me and am very happy and thankful to SSMA for bringing all the artists together from different sides of South Sudan, now we feel together so let celebrate and win,” he expressed.

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