It is up to an individual to take care as cases of the dangerous coronavirus pandemic continue to soar with possible fatalities witnessed in the country. Recorded death tolls have reached 90 people since the outbreak in April last year. These are the known numbers on government records but there must be some which have not been listed. It is so scaring that the government keeps on reminding the public to take precaution and preventive measures seriously. The pandemic has caused untold suffering apart from messing up the economy. It is not known when the virus will ease or end to allow major activities for socio-economic which have remained stagnant to take off the ground. The waiting may be very long with promises of vaccine coming but people must take care of themselves if they need to participate in the development of a healthy nation. There are some who are applying, l don’t care attitudes and who believe that the coronavirus is just another myth. The public should not cheat themselves they must accept that over 7,000 people have tested positive since the outbreak and there are possibilities that the number could be higher than what is recorded by the Ministry of Health. People need only to follow recorded cases in the media outlets to understand the gravity of the matter and take necessary precautions against COVID-19. The National Committee on COVID-19 audit recently urged citizens to respect preventive measures. This follows the latest one month lockdown. The curfew imposed seems not to be in force and even some of those night-patrols to tame those going against the preventive rules are themselves a disgrace as they do not apply the same standards. It is their duty to enforce the law that they also obey but not to harass people at night while they are equally violating the preventive requirements.

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