It is alarming that over two million people in the Republic of South Sudan are living with HIV virus. This should be a wakeup call for those who are ignorant about the use of condom or intentionally disregard it due to a negative perception. The South Sudan AIDS Commission has put the blame on cultural norms that disdain condom use. Those who are in the world of immorality should now think twice and immediately avoid illicit sex mostly practiced at market squares across the country. There is a saying that ‘prevention is better than cure’. You don’t need to wait for the Ministry of Health to avail fund to prevent the virus. You, as a citizen of this country have a role in preventing the spread of HIV virus. There are many youth who do not believe that HIV/AIDS is real in this Country. You have to be careful if you are in that category. The virus is real and mostly exists among the youth. That means the South Sudan AIDS Commission must also double its effort in sensitizing the youth who are mostly the victims of HIV infection. Every youth of this country must take care of his life. Life is a precious thing that you don’t have to lose because of disregarding condom which is cheaper than your life. Condoms can be used as a method of birth control that also helps prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections like HIV, chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, hepatitis B, syphilis and gonorrhea. Even if you are already using a different kind of birth control to avoid pregnancy, it’s a good idea to also use condoms to protect yourself from STDs. Therefore, don’t die of HIV virus due to negligence, condoms are cheap and are found almost in every drug store and community health centers. You don’t need a prescription or nationality card to buy them. Prevent yourself from HIV infection.

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